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Jul 23, 2013 11:00pm PDT
] >> john: foreign policy begins at home but just to be clear it doesn't stay there, does it? >> that is not the prescription for this book. this is more like an exercise manual for america to work on its core. >> strategic plotting. john: it might not look like much but that's where the real power comes from. >> in the long run we can't chase the world unless we have to set an example. in the long run we have to be strong at home. it's not about isolationism but a prescription for long-term american leadership. >> john: this is a surprising book coming from you. someone has responsibility their whole life in foreign policy. >> here i am on the council of foreign relations. i spent my whole career working on foreign policy and what i'm saying is there's too much emphasis on the foreign policy side not enough on the domestic. it's not an end in itself. but we have to do more here so we can do more there. >> john: this is truly something that is in fact america's foreign policy or throwing money at the problem. we see that happening now in egypt. let's just apply this book to e
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Jul 24, 2013 9:00am PDT
: this is a surprising book coming from you. someone has responsibility their whole life in foreign policy. >> here i am on the council of foreign relations. i spent my whole career working on foreign policy and what i'm saying is there's too much emphasis on the foreign policy side not enough on the domestic. it's not an end in itself. but we have to do more here so we can do more there. >> john: this is truly something that is in fact america's foreign policy or throwing money at the problem. we see that happening now in egypt. let's just apply this book to egypt. you talk a lot about how america may be better off with evolution or revolution, which rhymes so it definitely carries some weight. what does that mean. >> the middle east no longer should dominate america's foreign policy. in the middle east in a place like egypt we ought to be saying if you want our support, you have to meet certain conditions: economic reform, political reform. you can't insist but you can say here's the incentive and here's the penalty if you don't do it. >> john: there's a situation now where we... the military seems to
Jul 30, 2013 7:00pm PDT
and and widespread protests. the foreign policy chief becomes the first diplomat since the egyptian deposed president morsi. u.s. soldier bradley manning faces jail after being found guilty of espionage but is cleared of the most serious charge against him. trainiver of last week's crash, going twice the speed limit and talking on the phone when it derailed. diplomatic efforts to ease the political crisis are stepping up. the u.s. president asked senior to travel onnators the back of the top diplomat. of the interim leadership. john mccain and glenn t. gram traveling to egypt. they are very to well-known center is at home and also our round of the world. senator mccain more so because he ran for the white house against president obama in 2008. it is unusual for the white house to send senators in this way. menident obama asked both to go to egypt and it is odd because they have been harshly critical of his foreign policy. both men calling for the suspension of the military aid that goes every year from washington and they referred to what happened when president morsi was a coup. the white house won'
Jul 29, 2013 5:00pm PDT
and tea party domestic politics and champion of anti-neocon foreign policy. the other side, chris christie, a self-proclaimed so-called moderate an domestic issues. that's at best a partial truth. now apparently an unapologetic hawk. if you need further proof, here's chris christie channeling his inner dick cheney. >> the next attack that comes that kills thousands of americans as a result, people are going to be looking back an the people having this intellectual debate and wonder whether or not they put what our first job is, all of us, is to protect the lives of the people we serve. >> if this is the fight that awaits republican party in 2016, rand paul, for one, says bring it on. >> i didn't start this one and i don't plan on starting things by criticizing other republicans, but if they want to make me the target, they will get it back in spades. >> joining me now, matt welch, editor in chief of the libertarian magazine, "reason," one of the best chroniclers of these foreign policy fissures. i'm amazed it's gotten this raw this quickly between these two people. it is both shockingly ou
Jul 27, 2013 11:30pm EDT
, the nature of foreign- policy, were much more fundamental during the vietnam war than they were during the korean war. host: joe was on our republican line. caller: i am interested if you're guest has any relations brazinsky. last name in regards to his being on truman's side and demanding macarthur's resignation, would you agree that north korea has achieved a nuclear explosion and getting an object into orbit -- would it not be arguable that macarthur had a longer view of history than truman, in light of the fact that north korea has been -- has an upper -- has an object in orbit. guest: your first question is easy. the answer is, no. i did my phd at cornell. i was not asked that once in my five or six years here. since i have come to washington i get that at least every other week. no known relation. in terms of your question, it is a very challenging one in a lot of ways. if we have eliminated or wiped out north korea in 1951 then it would not exist today and we would not have all of the problems that we are involved with having this rogue regime that develops nuclear weapons and t
Jul 31, 2013 5:30am PDT
previously been critical of president obama's foreign policy. the e.u. foreign policy chief visited on tuesday. protesters calling for the release of the deposed president mohamed morsi have marched to the intense -- intelligence headquarters. joining me is the professor from political science from cairo university. welcome to al jazeera, sir. nice to have you on the program. >> my pleasure. >> we've seen the e.u. foreign policy chief come and go and now we've got two senior american politicians arriving. what can they add to this political mix? that hasn't already been achieved by what the e.u. hopefully tried to do? >> this means that the united states and europe is very much interested by what is going on because the stability of the region is of great concern for both europe and the united states. so they are listening very carefully to what all the parties could say, so everybody can have a chance to assist exactly what is going on and to listen directly from the concerned parties. i do believe there is some hope after the visit that she was permitted to see former president mo
Jul 29, 2013 7:00pm PDT
. meanwhile, the foreign policy chief is in cairo and is holding talks with political leaders on all sides, the first foreign envoy to visit egypt. she says they will do everything in their power to prevent more bloodshed. they are, of course, well- documented. the armythose backing on the other. what about the people in the middle? and the egyptians struggling to be heard in the current climate. is down from almost every lamppost. appearances can be deceptive. not everyone is a brotherhood supporter. they said they have no affiliation with the movement, they want the army out of politics. that lots oftion people like me are not secular is. we have foundation and justice. >> i have been living outside of egypt for a long time. i have seen the good life, how it works. that they live in such a mass. tothey are sympathetic political as long. them are opposed to military rule. there are religious fascism, the and the regime. >> of the massacres and the military [indiscernible] we're between a rock and hard place. >> we click on the spotlight page and find analysis. the palestinian negotiators
Jul 29, 2013 5:30am PDT
of people have been killed, many of them shot in the head or chest. meanwhile the eu's foreign policy chief is back in egypt to meet the country's new leaders and representatives on the muslim brotherhood freedom and justice party. it is catherine ashton second visit in 10 days. in cairospondent is for us. what more can you tell us about these protests that are set to take place later today? the anti-coup coalition is the coalition of people who were sitting in nasser city. they have called on followers to hold marchers with coffins later in the day, early evening cairo time, and headed towards the security ministers building across the country. that is basically the security headquarters. them across of egypt. we do not know if it will happen everywhere, but that was what the call is. there is also a call for a one million man march to be held on tuesday in cairo. ashtonsaid, catherine will be meeting later on in the understand,at we 16-30 gmt, with leaders of the freedom and justice party, but also with leaders of the muslim andherhood here in cairo the former prime minister. you might ha
Jul 28, 2013 10:00am PDT
on presidential leadership and foreign policy. you point out that when obama campaigned for office, he had almost no foreign policy experience. one might have thought that he was going to be a big transformational president. why? >> well, he certainly talked big transformations in the campaign and his first speeches, cairo, prague, so forth, he's been found to be a transactional president. on the one side you have people like woodrow wilson or ronald reagan who make great announcements, want to change the world. transactional presidents like eisenhower or george h.w. bush, are more prudent, keep the train from derailing. those are the two extreme types and many leaders are combinations of the two. but i think in the 21st century, we had a first president, george w. bush, who is largely transactional in the campaign, became transformational after 9/11. >> because after 9/11, he wanted to do big things. >> he was going to change the middle east, democratize it, and much like president obama, he was much more transformational in his first year, but given the realities of the world, he turned out to
FOX Business
Jul 29, 2013 7:00pm EDT
numerous foreign policy failures, the obama administration is now focused on beginning peace talks between israel and the palestinians. former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton, former pentagon official kt mcfarland among our guest, and eric holder ignoring a supreme court ruling on the voter rights act. looking to -- the state of texas to get permission for from federal government before they change any elect rules. >> a new associated pressure have a shows poverty gripping lives of americans at some point in their lives, 4 out of 5 americans have struggled with joblessness and relied on welfare, the white acount for more than 41% of nation's >> and who doubted a plan for a thrive ons middle class only days ago. fox news chief white house crisp house correspondent, ed henry with our report. >> reporter: president obama is planning an 8 day vacation on martha's vin yard in mid august, while house republicans on recess from friday until september 9, administration insists both sides can avoid a government shut down. >> we don't need any more self inflicted rounds. >> report
FOX Business
Jul 29, 2013 10:00pm EDT
after numerous foreign policy failures, the obama administration is now focused on beginning peace talks between israel and the palestinians. former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton and k.t. mcfarland are among our guests tonight. attorney general eric holder ignoring a supreme court ruling on voting rights act. eric holder looking to wash the state of texas to get permission from the federal government before it changes in election rules. the attorney general of texas, greg abbott, joins me here. a new associated press survey shows poverty gripping the lives of more americans have him point in their lives. in fact, four out of five americans have struggled with joblessness and have relied on welfare. accounting for more than 41% of the nation's destitute, nearly double the numbers for poor blacks. the american dream is an illusion for millions of americans, what should be an embarrassment to the president himself encountered a plan for a thriving middle class only days ago. chief white house correspondent ed henry has our report. >> despite huge budget battles women, p
Jul 30, 2013 8:00am PDT
in an attempt to spark a national debate about foreign policy. ofer nearly two months trial, the judge said she plans to announce her verdict at 1:00 p.m. eastern standard time today. after the verdict, the trial enters the sentencing phase, where the prosecution and defense will present more arguments. israel and the palestinian authority have resumed peace talks for the first time in three years. negotiators sat down for a dinner hosted by secretary of state john kerry in washington. the talks will be overseen by martin indyk who was named as the new special envoy to the middle east. we will have more on the talks after headlines. ousted egyptian president mohamed morsi has been allowed to meet with european union more than a ousted month ago. he and the muslim brotherhood have continued to call for his reinstatement after 72 people were killed on saturday after police opened fire on a brotherhood rally. we will have more from egypt from sharif abdel kouddous later in the broadcast. the fbi has rescued more than 100 victims of forced prostitution and have a numerous people. the assistant dire
Jul 30, 2013 6:30pm PDT
egyptians don't want him back. the foreign policy chief spent hours speaking with him at a secret location. >> we had a friendly and open discussion. i saw where he was at the saudi facilities he has. >> he had access to newspapers, television, and we have made it clear there is no place for violence. also ensuring that it is about an improper way. >> supporters have called for a million strong march. >> return to business news. deutsche bank has been tried to turn over a new leaf since the bosses took over a year ago but the mistakes of the past continue to haunt them. >> the published results with profits cut by half. the bank is going on a radical diet and planning to shed hundreds of billions in assets to comply with international rules. >> legal costs. they have lots of them. they are facing their role in the collapse of the mortgage- backed securities market. and the huge triumph of the bankruptcy. they have set aside 630 million euros for the cost. profits from investment banking rose almost 60%. profits from private and corporate banking was 500 million. restructuring will create e
Jul 30, 2013 5:30am PDT
friendly, open, very frank, the european union foreign policy chief spoke with egypt's deposed president, mohammed morsi. ♪ welcome to al-jazeera. we are in our news center and these are our top will news stories. 250 prisoners escaped as outsiders attacked a jail in northwestern pakistan. middle east peace talks between negotiators, face-to-face discussions for the first time in three years. the final appeal, lawyers for the former italian prime minister trying to overturn his jail time for tax fraud. > >> welcome to the program. the european union foreign affairs chief has discussed a meeting with mohammed morsi. she has been holding talks with most of the parties involved in the political stalemate in egypt, but refused to give details of what she discussed with the former president. >> we talked for two hours. he has access to information in terms of newspapers, so we were able to talk about the situation. we were able to talk about the nuclear missile. i am not going to reveal anything further about our conversations in anyway. as i have indicated, i have made clear that
Jul 30, 2013 5:00pm PDT
decisions on our foreign policy. >> reporter: how dangerous is that, though, if somebody releases classified information and potentially the enemies get it. how can we allow that, especially from our service people? >> reporter: just depends on what information we're talking about. -- >> in this case bradley manning gave us historical documents to let us retrospectively evaluate what we did in afghanistan and iraq and whether that's correct foreign policy for our nation going forward. >> reporter: thank you, jeff. so there's the ultimate question. do you agree with the wikileaks side of things, let everything go, and let the people decide, or do you take the government's side, classified and we can't let it get into the wrong hands? i'm ken bastida in san francisco, kpix 5. >>> the government is about to spill a few more secrets of its own by declassifying more n sa surveillance programs. a senior u.s. official says the information includes white papers on the programs as well as previously undisclosed information about the foreign intelligence surveillance court. it's all part of a deliber
Jul 29, 2013 6:00am PDT
eisenhower. so that creates the divide. if you look at major issues, foreign policy. what's the difference between hillary and mccain? you have corporate crime. neither have a law and order enforcement to deal with environment, worker safety. and just the unfair tax system for example. so you go into one area after another. apart from the social issues, which i'll agree with you, pro lirve life, anti-choice, et cetera, that's where the focus of the media is. immigration. division on that for example. on the domination of corporate power over our political economy, military industry complex, wall street crashes, the economy. they're not that different. elizabeth warren may be different. but generally speaking, the white house and the congress are not that different. >> how would you describe president obama? >> he's a corporatist under a liberal sheen. so therefore he never speaks out against corporate crime. he'll go all the way to india to promote harley davidson motorcycles but he won't go to wall street. remember that academy award guy who won that documentary, he said, not a single one
Jul 31, 2013 5:00pm PDT
the ever bloodier battle on the right over everything from earmarks to foreign policy to whether or not to shut down the government. but we begin tonight with growing momentum among the nation's lawmakers to reign in the secret government. today senators from both parties grilled officials from the fbi and nsa about the lack of transparency around the nation's sprawling surveillance operation. signalling the defunding of the nsa's phone records. they will force the government to reveal how many americans have had their information reviewed by federal agents. this as president obama on the hill today, assured lawmakers he was hearing their concerns about the reach of the nsa and even agreed to meet with a number of them at the white house tomorrow. today meetings came just hours after the administration announced they would be declassifying the now infamous secret court order compelling verizon to hand over all their american customer's phone records in bulk. that was edward snowden's first revelation, the one that kicked this whole thing off. today we got his latest. the piece pu
Jul 29, 2013 5:00pm PDT
policy chief is making her second visit in two weeks. she met with the interim president and foreign minster and representatives of morsi's political base. the military leaders overthrew morsi and installed a new government. the supporters and turned out for protests, demanding he be reinstated. the forces moved in again over the weekend to clear the streets. 80 people were killed. but morsi supporters say they are not going anywhere. a wave of car bombings killed at least 48 people in iraq. local security authorities say sunni extremists may be behind the coordinated attacks. ten blasts from around 8:00 on minute and car bombs went off at nearly the same time in the central city in the south. it injured about 120. all the explosions were in districts of shia muslim residents at crowded places like markets and bus stops. sunnis have been frustrated with the shia-controlled government of al maliki. militants have been exchanging attacks. a monitoring terrorist activity in iraq said that the death toll has topped 830. >> a senior official poured cold water over the's call for dialogue.
Jul 29, 2013 5:30pm PDT
flown in on a mission to pull the two sides back from floor bloodshed. european union foreign policy chief catherine ashton is making her second visit in two weeks. she met with interim president adly mansour, foreign minister nabil fahmy and the muslim brotherhood. egypt's military leaders overthrew morsi at the beginning of the month and installed a new government. his supporters have turned out for repeated protests demanding that he be reinstated. security forces moved in again over the weekend to clear the streets. 80 people were killed. but morsi supporters say they're not going anywhere. >>> a wave of car bombings has killed at least 48 people in ir iraq. local security authorities say sunni extremists may be behind the coordinated attacks. ten blasts rocked the capital of baghdad about 90 minutes from around 8:00 a.m. on monday. car bombs also went off at nearly the same time at three locations in the city of kut and samawah in the south. the blast killed at least 48 people and injured about 220. all the explosions took place in districts with many shia muslim residents at cr
FOX Business
Jul 26, 2013 11:00am EDT
a great familiarity with our foreign policy making apparatus. the state department dollar defense department and all that. having said that, i think mrs. kennedy will do a fine job. the real key is access to the president. if you have access to the president, everything follows. she is a subsidy person, and that is the second real qualification. think she will do quite well. dagen: is this about adjusting to the japanese culture? how difficult is that? >> it is somewhat difficult. japan is different, even asians will say that it is a different place. but you know these are great allies, great friends of the united states. they will go out of their way to try to be helpful to mrs. kennedy or any american ambassador. i think she's going to find it to be one of the greatest experiences of life. i think life will never be the same after it. is just such a varied background that you're dealing with. one minute someone will be talking to you about agriculture in the next about nuclear weapons. japan is so central to american foreign policy in the pacific that it is an intellectually cha
Jul 29, 2013 6:30pm PDT
most of it. >> the eu's foreign-policy chief on a visit to cairo has urged them to the layoff of their standoff. >> is is being called the heist of the century. prosecutors say jewels stolen are worth more than 100 million euros. it was a robbery that took place in daylight. >> a man stuffed a briefcase of diamonds and fancy watches on display and simply walked out again. the launch to an israeli diamond mandate. >> it is hard to believe that this is the third major jewelry heist this year. >> i will not be cutting -- putting my jewels on display. >> when we come back, the people speak their mind. >> politics explained through claymati >> welcome back. hope frances has given his strong's position on a more liberal position of social issues. he stunned reporters by asking this question. who am i to judge a person who is gay? >> he also said he wanted women to have a bigger role in the church, although not as priests. he also referred the position that homosexual acts are a sin. raising hopes among catholic performers. >> my joy is much greater than my exhaustion. on the return
Jul 31, 2013 2:30pm PDT
the international community in particular at the moment. we have had those comments from the eu foreign policy chief who was able to visit mr. morsi just a day ago. we have had comments from the u.s. state department in the past few hours, calling on egypt to recognize the rights of freedom of assembly, including sit-in's. expecting visits from those two u.s. senators, lindsey graham and john mccain, within the coming days. pressure on this government to include all political forces including the muslim brotherhood in dialogue and reconciliation, but at the moment, that is not happening. >> there has been a dramatic increase in civilian casualties in afghanistan. a new un report says the number of civilians wounded or killed has risen by almost 25% compared with last year. it suggests insurgents are taking advantage of nato troops withdrawing in order to retake lost territory. i spoke with the former american ambassador to afghanistan. this does not bode well for the future of the country, does it? >> very disturbing, especially when you look at the number of women and children killed, the percentag
Jul 27, 2013 6:00am PDT
is still being determined. the eu's foreign-policy chief said today she deeply deplores the deaths and is urging all sides to put an end to the bloodshed. rockiolence continues to egypt as the country's political divide continues to deepen. >> holding up ammunition, protesters accuse police of a crime. they charge that officers opened fire with live rounds on morsi supporters before dawn this morning. officials dispute the figures and put the count much lower. some of the wounded have been brought to this makeshift hospital. >> the injuries are from live ammunition. they have various injuries in their stomach, back, and legs. >> officials of the interim administration are now blaming the muslim brotherhood. friday saw massive rallies in cairo for supporters and opponents of the deposed resident. president. morsi was officially placed under investigation yesterday, charged with conspiring with islamist groups. a court ordered his detention for two more weeks. says them brotherhood claims about their president proves that egypt's generals do not respect the rule of law. supporters of
Jul 28, 2013 2:00pm PDT
. >> on the diplomatic front, the european foreign-policy chief is due to arrive in cairo later. what will be on her agenda? we are expecting her here any minute now. this will be her second visit since the deposed president was ousted. the main priority will be to meet the interim leadership like the president and vice president and the defense minister. they also want the freedom and justice party, the political wing of the muslim brotherhood, it is the second time they have been here but a lot has changed in last couple of weeks. we have had the military asked able to go to the street to carry out a campaign against what they are calling violence and terrorism. we have had the interior minister say the anti-military rallies will be cleared, so no doubt, they will be trying to emphasize the european union's position that egypt needs a peaceful, transitional time into civilian rule. but from everything we are seeing at the moment over the last week and with the deaths on friday, more than 70 people killed, she will have a lot of concerns she will be talking about. >> african union officials have ar
Jul 31, 2013 12:00pm PDT
security and foreign policy. manning faces a maximum sentence of 136 years. he will also get a dishonorable discharge and must forfeit all his pay. >>> president obama held closed door meetings with democrats on capitol hill today, and offered a sum reef his message to lack lacks on his way out. >> the middle class is broke. >> the president paid a visit to congress to make sure lawmakers are delivering a coordinated message to voters during their summer recess. they begin their five-week break this friday. mr. obama fielded questions from lawmakers about the new health care law, immigration reform and the next chief of the federal reserve. . >>> as you ever seen and as is evidenced by the gao, we'll sometimes of people that do stupid things. >> leaders of the tsa are in the hot seat after growing complaints of tsa misconduct. >> many bay area people still waiting for it to warm up. steve paulson has the forecast coming up. . >> on the surface it did not look like much, but some locals say this building will be missed. . >>> it's out with the old to make way for the new in san lorenzo today
Jul 28, 2013 8:00am PDT
. but if you watch, he's largely reading statements, particularly foreign policy out of the briefing book. on foreign policy, that's important, those statements are carefully crafted and those words carry a lot of weight. but they get e-mailed hours before that, they get e-mailed all day. information is like water, it's going to find its way down hill however. the way things are going now, it gets down faster and more efficiently. it hollows out the briefing, so everyone knows what's going on, and there's just a lot of rancor in there. >> maybe jay car any should come and not just read from the briefing book. a former white house secretary stayed the biggest mistake he everybody made is allowing the camera to be turn on in that briefing. >> this is a case i tried to make in the piece. once you turn the cameras on and particularly you have the cameras facing backward and they're shooting the correspondents all asking the same question, because they include in that their package for the night low news. even though the five other continues have just done it. it creates an air of -- >> there
FOX Business
Jul 25, 2013 7:00pm EDT
scandals and busted foreign policy to speeches about jobs and the economy is pivot, but it's not clear whether pivot is the correct description. it appears president obama is more focused op attacking republicans than anyone who disagrees with the agenda. those who have the nerve to investigate the numerous scandals that engulf the administration are in the cross hairs. here the president earlier today making it clear how he feels about anyone who is not on board with his tax and spend plan to grow our economy. >> repealing obamacare and slashing budgets in education and research and infrastructure, that's not an economic plan. there's no economist who says, well, that's the way to help middle class families. we're going to grow doing that. shutting do the government just because i'm for keeping it open, that's not an economic plan. threatening that you won't pay the bills in this country when we've racked up the bills, that's not an economic plan. you know, that's being a deadbeat. lou: the president is, in fact, talking longingly of a middle class he seems to have done his absolute b
Jul 27, 2013 7:00am EDT
questions that the american people were asking about, the nature of foreign-policy, were much more fundamental during the vietnam war than they were during the korean war. host: joe was on our republican line. interested if you're guest has any relations with -- in regards to his being on truman's side and demanding macarthur's resignation, would you agree that north korea has achieved a nuclear explosion and getting an object into orbit -- would it not be arguable that macarthur had a longer view of history than truman, in light of the fact that north korea has been -- has an upper -- has an object in orbit. istguest: your first question easy. the answer is, no. i did my phd at cornell. i was not asked that once in my five or six years here. since i have come to washington i get that at least every other week. no known relation. question, it is a very challenging one in a lot of ways. if we have eliminated or wiped out north korea in 1951 then it would not exist today and we would not have all of the problems that we are involved with having this rogue regime that develops nuclear
Jul 31, 2013 5:00pm EDT
political calendar. i agree. but we shouldn't base our diplomacy and our foreign policy based on our political calendar. recently, we have enacted the st effective crippling economic sanctions against iran ever. and it was done by the hard work of the administration supported by congress to be able to mobilize an unprecedented coalition of people who agreed with us, but they wanted to prevent iran from having nuclear weapons and sending that signal. but sadly, sadly, you can forget rouhani.sident-elect this weekend's president obama to pull the rug out from underneath the newly elected moderate candidate, he's not my guy, not yours, but the choice was a signal by the iranian people. and think about the future tools. are you really going to be able to ratchet up these sanctions much more dramatically? you expect china and japan are going to follow that path? and if they work about the dislocations to the american economy and the global economy, moving this oil off the market. i think people ought to consider that. ultimately, the only solution is a diplomatic solution to try and work
Jul 29, 2013 4:00am EDT
an announcement will be made in the next few months. >>> and the eu's foreign policy chief travels to cairo for crisis talks as they crack down on supporters of mohamed morsi leaves more than 70 dead. >>> you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the globe. >> a very good morning to you. france has announced a $35 billion merger of equals to create the world's biggest advertising agency. it will trade in both new york and london. morris levy and omnicom share the role of ceo for the next 30 months after which the publicis will be chairman. speaking after a press conference in paris, he told cnbc the deal would benefit everyone. >> there is no one weak partner, and there is no one who has financial difficulties or anything of the like. so we believe that this will be a great operation for all our people, our clients and our shareholders. >> publicis shares are closed. they won't open until 2:30 london time. shares have been trading higher on news the two confirms could attract clients from the two merging companies. earlier we spoke to the coo who suggested
Jul 31, 2013 9:00am EDT
.s. foreign policy with all the potential implications for u.s. national security and for our ally israel should not be done in haste. it should not be done carelessly or thoughtlessly. it should not be done without a full understanding of all of the ramifications of such a change, and it certainly should not be tacked on to the transportation, housing and urban developments bill. it is far too important a decision to be an afterthought to an appropriations bill, and in my view, it is ill-advised to make foreign policy on the fly without due consideration of all of the consequences. now, i would point out that my friend from kentucky has introduced an identical bill that has been referred to the foreign relations committee. last thursday, the committee held its first extensive hearing on the crisis in egypt, and i can assure my friend from kentucky that the committee will continue to work on this issue and to look at the appropriate policy options through a deliberative process. we need time to determine whether the process under way in egypt will meet the demands of the egyptian people a
Jul 29, 2013 1:35am EDT
of the nation's most respected foreign policy lines. welcome, ambassador, back to the committee. we also have with us dr. michele dunne. she has served on the national security council staff and policy and planning in the bureau of intelligence and research state department. and ambassador daniel kurtzer, professor in middle east policies and studies. a great institution in the state of new jersey. served in the foreign service for almost three decades and retired in 2005 and has been an ambassador in both israel and egypt. thank you all for being here. your full statement will be entered into the record without objection. we ask you to summarize your statement in about five minutes or so so we can have a dialogue with you. with that, ambassador ross, if you will start. >> thank you. last time i was here, i was here to talk about serious and the civil war there. it is no question that both our morals and strategic interests are engaged there. the response is very different, the stakes are very high. i find myself in agreement with hat you are saying in your statement. when we look at egypt, w
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Jul 29, 2013 11:00am EDT
lobby will not let that happen. connell: good reporting. two major stories today on the foreign-policy front that we will be talking about. important to the security of the united states and the global economy. israelis and palestinians meeting in washington today. for egypt, we have the protest growing more violent over there. we will get into egypt. then, pain in the workplace. hundreds of billions of dollars lost each year. there is something back can be done about it. i will tell you what that something is as we continue on "market now." ♪ [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz summer event is here. now get the mercedes-benz you've always dreamed of. but hurry...because a good thing like this won't last forever. here you go, honey. thank you. [ male announcer ] see your authorized dealer for an incredible offer on the exhilarating c250 sport sedan. ♪ [ villain ] well mr. baldwin. it appears our journey has come to a delightful end. then i better use the capital one purchase eraser to redeem my venture miles for thisrip. purchase eraser? it's the easy way to erase any recent trave
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's happened do we do the bilateral talks an how do you deal with putin? there is a lot of foreign policy. egypt. but also what's happening in new york. that's got to be at least alluded to. >> oh, my goodness. how about, please pass the salt? this fish is lovely and how's your summer going? i find it a little hard to imagine that either one of them would broach the topic of what's going on in new york. painful i think for the secretary of state and not dangerous for the president, but not necessarily -- he knows she doesn't want to talk about that. so i don't think either one of them is going to bring those up. i would venture to guess that the elephant or donkey in the room, her prospective possible almost-certain presidential race is also not going to be a topic of conversation. there are some things that just don't need mentioning. >> and you know what could be mentioned since they both have long experience is what to do about the fed and how will women, including hillary clinton, respond if he does not choose the first woman, the vice chair of the fed, janet yellin, to replace ben be
Jul 29, 2013 11:00am PDT
been stalled ever since president morsi was ousted. that is why the head of the eu foreign policy is here in town. she's holding meetings with both the interim government as well as military leaders as well as representatives from the anti-coup coalition. she's hoping to try to bridge the divide. right now the big concern is that the police and the military say they're going to break up that sit-in protest that has thousands of people in it every night. the concern is if these negotiations fail, the police and the military may feel they have the legal green light to break it up. that could mean more violence. there are those within the government, some notable figures within the government, to express great concern that they don't want to see police and the military to break up this process, the sit-in. they want to bring the muslim brotherhood back into the political process. that's what they think would be the best way for national reconciliation. >> all right, ayman. i know we'll bring our audience any developing news of this protest we're expecting. joining me now our tel aviv
Jul 30, 2013 7:00am PDT
book "foreign policy begins at home." and i call it provocative because you are someone, the president of the council on foreign relations. spent your entire life in the foreign policy establishment, the state department for several administrations. you're saying the most important foreign policy goal, is to fix everything right here. >> not a book i expected to write, george. but i wrote it for the reason you said. if we fix it here, restore the foundations of our economy, we'll have the capacity over the coming decades, to deal with all of the challenges in the world. if, however, we don't get it right, and restore traditional levels of economic growth, we will not have the resources we need to lead in the world. we will not be able to set an example to the world. >> and you lay out an ambitious agenda. more in education, no infrastructure. roads and bridges and mass transit. and we also have to deal with our debt, the same kinds of things talked about in washington every, single day. but it seems like the system is broken. >> national security has two sides. domestic policy and the
Jul 24, 2013 1:00am EDT
unclassified foreign- policy matters. it would have prohibited intelligence agencies from of a fewyone outside high-level officials available for background briefings, even on an unclassified basis. were intendedns to stop leaks. i am certainly against leaks as well. is clear to me they would have significantly encroach on the first amendment and led to a less well informed public debate on foreign policy and national security matters. these anti-leak provisions went through the committee ross s in secret and the bill was agreed to by a vote of 14-1. you probably get the sense that i opposed it. the bill then made its way to the senate floor. at the time, i and everybody else did not even know how bad and how flawed the bill was because, in the course of the committee's consideration, we could not talk to anybody on the outside. i knew it was flawed, taking away pension rights without due process. those things lead out at us. -- leaped out at us. once the bill came out, because you still have to pass a bill, it was even serrated by all concerned, regardless of political party, to the point whe
Jul 27, 2013 10:00pm EDT
was that from 1946 to 1950, american foreign policy was actually rather incoherent. truman had announced the truman doctrine and 40 and 47 which most historians mark as the beginning of the cold war. and then the point of that, the threat that true man identified the response from unidentified was actually quite incoherent. american defenses were low and there was aimed the demobilization after world war ii. so it really took the korean war to create all the policies that we now see that is the permanent standing army, the huge defense budgets, the perception of the block and the idea that any communist victory anywhere is somehow a threat to american national security. all of that came about because of the curry in war and also because of the korean war there was a collision between government and defense industry. and so, the start of birth of the military-industrial complex that eisenhower leader warned the nation against in the military industrial 1861. for china the effect of the korean war was also a profound because the laws during the korean war we must remember that first china
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Jul 24, 2013 7:00pm EDT
is president obama relevant or is he a lame-duck? take a look at the president's foreign policy. says secretary of state john kerry can't have a real possibility that is not a probability the odds of success are long to say the least but we will say the administration is still relevant. so move this to the side of relevance. on the other hand, if the administration has managed to add to the chaos of libya, egypt, syria, and also with the prospect of the middle east process, put libya here. it is the indication he is a lame duck, egypt as well well, syria, this is not going to well and the fact of the matter is john mccain is not helping even as we speak tonight? domestically congress in the white house will need to raise the of philae limits over the next six months to avoid defaults of the downgraded the president is already making noises he needs to make a deal with republicans so is the relevant? it is an interesting question because the debt ceiling issue is of little ambiguous talking about the lame-duck status ramped up in april pushing for gun-control. of the debt ceiling, we will put it
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